10 Wedding Transportation Tips for a Smooth Ride

If you want your wedding day to be as magical as possible, you have to think of everything, including your transportation. Thankfully, our team at Rochester Limousine knows just how great a task that can be, which is why we’ve put together an incredible list of 10 wedding transportation tips to help you ensure a smooth ride!

Book Your Transportation Ahead Of Time

When it comes to luxury transportation, the sooner you make your reservations the better. The moment your dates are set and your venues are secure, your transportation should be your next priority. Luckily, you can easily book your transportation as early as four to six months in advance!

Choose Your VIPs

Unless cost is truly no concern, chances are you can’t afford to shuttle everyone to your wedding. However, you, your soon-to-be-spouse, your immediate families, your wedding party, out-of-town guests, and anyone with special needs or requirements should all be at the top of your list for which you should provide transportation to.

Remember To Account For Non-Ceremony Transportation

From rehearsal dinners and bachelor or bachelorette parties, to receptions and rides home, making sure you account for transportation to all non-ceremony related events can save you so much time – not to mention impress your guests.

Create A Schedule

A detailed event schedule can help you stay on track on your big day. From determining what time everyone should be picked up, to deciding which routes are the fastest and most reliable, you will want to have everything written down so everyone is well aware of your plans.

Give Yourself Extra Time

To ensure you’re not thrown off balance when someone inevitably neglects to follow your plans exactly, or when something unexpected happens, make sure to give yourself extra time to adjust and refocus. You never know what an extra 15 minutes can do!

Don’t Forget About Parking

Make sure your more self-sufficient guests have a convenient place to park that’s close to your venue. If you can’t shuttle everyone, consider at least offering a valet service or other parking assistance for your guests to keep everything organized before your ceremony.

Draft A “Call Sheet”

To make sure you stay on the same page as your transportation service provider and wedding party, don’t forget to draft a “call sheet” that details all the names and pickup/drop-off locations and times of everyone you need to chauffeur. Then, double check that everyone important has a copy of it and is prepared to stick to it.

Choose The Best Drivers

When you choose a transportation company, there are a lot of things you have to consider. Just make sure you never overlook the competency and reliability of your drivers – otherwise someone’s bound to get lost or forgotten.

Make Sure There’s Always Extra Space

Avoid overcrowding and have plenty of room for gifts and mementos by ensuring your hired transportation offers ample extra space onboard. After all, it’s better to have too much space than try and figure out what, or who, you have to leave behind.

Choose A Vehicle You Really Love

Above all else, the most important tip for ensuring a smooth ride when you hire professional transportation is to make sure you choose a vehicle you really love. Don’t force yourself to get a limo if it’s not your style, and don’t go bigger or smaller than you want or need because someone else convinces you it’s a better idea. It’s your wedding, so by all means choose a vehicle that best represents you. Do that, and it will be the most comfortable ride of your life!

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