Party Bus Rentals are the Perfect Ambiance for Corporate Events


Traveling to and from corporate events can be tricky. It’s still a professional event, so you have to maintain at least some level of decorum and show up ready to impress, but it’s also likely still a party in its own right, and you want to make sure you have fun. So, what do you do? You rent a party bus through Rochester Limousine of course!

Sleek & Stylish On The Outside

On the outside, our party buses look pristine. Though they can be quite large, they are also remarkably subtle, as well as clean, sophisticated, and overall the perfect vehicle for impressing any big bosses or know-it-all coworkers who might end up baring witness to your arrival. It doesn’t even matter which party bus you choose since all are equally incredible, offering a sleek stylish exterior designed to seamlessly fit in with any occasion or event. That means, no crawling out of any limousines for you! With our party bus, you’ll be able to make an entrance so big it will look like your corporate event is just another stop on your epic “tour de fun” – you’ll have more recognition than you know what to do with, and everyone you know will definitely want a ride home!

Unbelievable Entertainment On The Inside

On the inside, our party buses are practically dripping with amenities. From the stunning panoramic windows, interior and exterior lighting features, lavish seating, and faux wood flooring, to the premium entertainment systems, onboard bars, and infinite supply of outlets for your devices, we make sure you have everything you need. All you have to do is prioritize which amenities are most important to you, as every luxury party bus is different. If you want plenty of televisions on board, our Tiffany coach buses would be a great option since you can find as many as 4 46” TVs. If you just want to listen to your jams and get in the right headspace for your event, our Grech Land Yacht has the best audio package, offering touch screen Bluetooth/Pandora/iPod connectivity.

Not sure which party bus you should take for a ride? Contact our transportation professionals at Rochester Limousine today. We’ll help you pick out the perfect luxury party bus whether you’re traveling alone, or with a group, and we’ll make sure it’s ready to excite and amaze anyone lucky enough to catch a glimpse. Just trust our team at Rochester Limousine – we’ll never steer you wrong!

If you are in the Metro Detroit area and are looking to reserve transportation for your corporate event, please book your transportation with us by contacting us today by calling 248.289.6665 or by filling out the request a quote form.

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