4 Events A Detroit Limo Service Is Perfect For This Holiday Season


The seasons seem to be changing faster than we can adjust to them. In no time at all, the weather has turned from hot and sunny to brisk and cloudy. Snow is on its way and winter events will be popping up all over Detroit. Traveling across town to these events will be more dangerous once there is a layer of ice on the ground, not to mention, these events are ones you may want to dress up for. So why not consider hiring a Detroit limo service to tote you and your date around town for these upcoming events?

  1. Mozart & Beethoven Series.

This December, you will want to get away from the ice and cold, and escape through magical melodies and tight orchestration. Look no further than the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and their event celebrating the works of Mozart & Beethoven on December 7th. The strings will be singing, the horns will be blasting and the harmonies will be incredible, so you won’t want to miss one note. This is one of those events that calls for dressy attire, and with a Detroit limo service acting as your transportation, you won’t have to trudge through snow and ice in heels and nice clothing.

  1. Jersey Boys.

One of the most critically acclaimed musicals in history is making a stop in Detroit between November and December. All of the Four Season’s hits are showcased in this wonderful adaptation of their real rags-to-riches story. You’ll be instantly glued to the story and won’t be able to help yourself from getting up and singing along to the music. This show sells out wherever it goes, so you would be wise to go check it out while it’s in Detroit. Hire a limo service to skip the parking and the crowds, and enjoy the show even more.

  1. The Nutcracker.

A quintessential part of the holiday season is the Nutcracker ballet being put up at the start of December. Watch the extremely talented dancers take to the stage and tell the age old tale of a young girl receiving a Christmas present and being magically whisked to the Nutcracker’s world on an adventure. After one viewing, this Christmas tradition is one that you and your date will surely want to add to your calendar year after year. Hire a Detroit limo to make it that much more special.

  1. New Year’s Eve.

After twelve long months of birthdays, weekends, weddings and passings, the 31st of December is a time to reflect on the things we care about most. What better way to take in the festivities than with the Detroit Symphony once again, who will be helping you and your loved one ring in the new year in style. Having a symphonic backdrop to the last day of 2015 will surely be a delight that you won’t soon forget.

These events are perfect occasions to hire a Detroit limo service, so book yours in advance to beat the rush and make your year more special.

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